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Will Future Warfighter Uniforms Include Wearable Technology?

Researchers at the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Chemical Biological Center are looking to LEDs to help warfighters battle against chemical warfare agents (CWA). Co-primary investigators, Hui Wang, Ph.D. and John Landers, Ph.D. are investigating ways to embed tiny light sources in warfighter uniforms. Continue reading “Will Future Warfighter Uniforms Include Wearable Technology?”

U.S. Army Soldiers Test New Battlefield Smoke Generating System

U.S. Army soldiers recently finished the final phases of testing a new battlefield smoke-producing system to conceal units during combat at Fort Carson, Colorado. Continue reading “U.S. Army Soldiers Test New Battlefield Smoke Generating System”

USAF Conducts Successful Hypersonic Weapon Flight Test

The U.S. Air Force successfully conducted the first flight test of its AGM-183A Air Launched Rapid Response Weapon, or ARRW, on a B-52 Stratofortress aircraft on June 12 at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

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U.S. Air Force Completes Test of “Innovative Warfighting Concept”

The U.S Air Force completed the final test of an innovative warfighting concept May 12 that could be a game-changer for future adaptive-basing constructs.

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