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EDA Expands Work on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

The European Defence Agency’s Steering Board has just approved the launch of a 4-year CAT B project aimed at developing a swarm of biomimetic underwater vehicles for underwater intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (SABUVIS II). Continue reading “EDA Expands Work on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”


UK MOD Unveils Transformed Approach to Innovation

Artificial intelligence and 3D printing are some of the concepts outlined in the new approach to harnessing innovation and developing emerging technologies. Continue reading “UK MOD Unveils Transformed Approach to Innovation”

Indra Announces Development of Space Surveillance Radar

Indra has developed a radar for the Spanish surveillance and space monitoring system S3T will offer the country the ability to protect satellites and space assets from unintentional threats, such as spatial debris, and deliberate, such as enemy missiles or satellites.
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Leonardo to Equip Canadian Armed Forces’ Surveillance Drones with E-scan Radar

At the CANSEC exhibition in Ottawa, Ont., May 29 to 30, Leonardo announced that it has signed a multi-million Euro contract with prime contractor QinetiQ to provide a number of PicoSAR Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA, also known as ‘E-Scan’) radars.

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