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Clever New Robot Rover Design Conquers Sand Traps

Built with wheeled appendages that can be lifted, a new robot developed with U.S. Army funding has complex locomotion techniques robust enough to allow it to climb sand covered hills and avoid getting stuck. The robot has NASA interested for potential surveying of a planet or the Moon. Continue reading “Clever New Robot Rover Design Conquers Sand Traps”

Interview with Shahar Gal, CEO, General Robotics

Shahar Gal, CEO of Israel-based General Robotics spoke exclusively to Defence Hound on what inspired him to start the company and how the development of the DOGO robot is helping special forces around the world with enhanced situational awareness. Continue reading “Interview with Shahar Gal, CEO, General Robotics”

Northrop Grumman, Carnegie Mellon to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Projects

Northrop Grumman and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have formally signed a master research agreement (MRA) that will help foster innovation between the two organizations. Continue reading “Northrop Grumman, Carnegie Mellon to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Projects”

U.S. Army Researchers Test Human-Like Robots

The U.S. Army researchers recently tested ground robots performing military-style exercises, much like Soldier counterparts, at a robotics testing site in Pennsylvania recently as part of a 10-year research project designed to push the research boundaries in robotics and autonomy. Continue reading “U.S. Army Researchers Test Human-Like Robots”

When it Comes to Robots, Reliability May Matter More than Reasoning

What does it take for a human to trust a robot? That is what U.S. Army researchers are uncovering in a new study into how humans and robots work together. Continue reading “When it Comes to Robots, Reliability May Matter More than Reasoning”

Autonomy Pivotal for a Future Ready Australian Army

Locally developed autonomous technologies will enhance the Australian Army’s current armoured personnel carriers in a demonstration project that could take soldiers off future battlefields. Continue reading “Autonomy Pivotal for a Future Ready Australian Army”

Singapore’s Indoor Drones Can Now Look Through Walls

You’ve seen the movies where special forces storm an apartment, swiftly clearing rooms one by one and taking down all the bad guys.

In reality, it is a lot more complex than it seems.

Continue reading “Singapore’s Indoor Drones Can Now Look Through Walls”

U.S Army Project Develops Agile Scouting Robots

In a research project for the U.S. Army, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley developed an agile robot, called Salto that looks like a Star Wars Imperial walker in miniature and may be able to aid in scouting and search-and-rescue operations.

Continue reading “U.S Army Project Develops Agile Scouting Robots”

DARPA to Develop Mind-Controlled Drones

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded funding to six organizations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program, first announced in March 2018.

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French Armed Forces Invest in Artificial Intelligence

In the wake of the Viva Technology exhibition in Paris where the Ministry of the Armed Forces presented its latest innovations, the Ministry’s press briefing on May 23 came back on the development of artificial intelligence in weapons programs and in research and technology.

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