Tag: Defence Innovation Priorities (DIP)

Interview with Shahar Gal, CEO, General Robotics

Shahar Gal, CEO of Israel-based General Robotics spoke exclusively to Defence Hound on what inspired him to start the company and how the development of the DOGO robot is helping special forces around the world with enhanced situational awareness. Continue reading “Interview with Shahar Gal, CEO, General Robotics”

Raytheon to Modernize USAF’s Missile Warning Architecture

Raytheon Company will help the U.S. Air Force modernize its missile warning architecture with a new system that will collect and fuse data from an array of sensors to provide a comprehensive picture of launch activity under a 5-year, $197 million contract.

Continue reading “Raytheon to Modernize USAF’s Missile Warning Architecture”

UK MOD Unveils Transformed Approach to Innovation

Artificial intelligence and 3D printing are some of the concepts outlined in the new approach to harnessing innovation and developing emerging technologies. Continue reading “UK MOD Unveils Transformed Approach to Innovation”