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Airbus Wins Five Major Cyber-Surveillance Contracts

In 2019, Airbus CyberSecurity won five new contracts with major groups or organisations in the industrial, finance and institutional sectors, some of which are operators of essential services (OIV – Organismes d’Importance Vitale). Continue reading “Airbus Wins Five Major Cyber-Surveillance Contracts”

Airbus Demonstrates First Fully Automatic Vision-Based Take-Off

Airbus has successfully performed the first fully automatic vision-based take-off using an Airbus Family test aircraft at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. The test crew comprising of two pilots, two flight test engineers and a test flight engineer took off initially at around 10h15 on 18 December and conducted a total of 8 take-offs over a period of four and a half hours. Continue reading “Airbus Demonstrates First Fully Automatic Vision-Based Take-Off”

Airbus Unveils ‘Bird of Prey’ Concept for Future Airplanes

Airbus has unveiled a bird-like conceptual airliner design with the goal of motivating the next generation of aeronautical engineers, underscoring how they can make a difference by applying technologies researched at the company in hybrid-electric propulsion, active control systems and advanced composite structures. Continue reading “Airbus Unveils ‘Bird of Prey’ Concept for Future Airplanes”

IoT: Aerospace’s Great New Connector

In the aerospace industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising operations on the ground and in the air. Real-time analytics via IoT are already driving improvements in quality and productivity—while passengers can look forward to a variety of exciting new in-flight experiences.

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Airbus and Spanish Air Force to Develop Drone and Augmented Reality Inspections for Military Aircraft

The Spanish Air Force has become the first air force worldwide to support the development of Airbus’ drone and augmented reality-based maintenance inspection services, with the aim of drastically reducing maintenance inspections for large military aircraft and increasing overall fleet availability.

Continue reading “Airbus and Spanish Air Force to Develop Drone and Augmented Reality Inspections for Military Aircraft”

A Futuristic Engine for the SCAF

At the start of 2019, Safran and MTU Aero Engines signed an industrial partnership to design and produce an engine for the SCAF, tomorrow’s fighter jet. Stéphane Cueille, the Director of R&T and Innovation, explains its characteristics and the project’s challenges.

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