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U.S. Army Develops Multi-Purpose Robots

The Robotics University at Fort Leonard Wood, Training Area 211, is ready to field a new robot — the Man Transportation Robotic System Increment II (MTRS Inc II) — to be used by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy for multiple purposes, including explosive ordnance disposal and detection of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards.
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New Robot to Bolster Protection for EOD Soldiers

The U.S. Army has selected FLIR Systems to produce the Common Robotic System – Heavy, or CRS-H, (pronounced “Chris-H”) to bolster EOD Soldiers’ protection by increasing standoff to interrogate hazardous devices in the range of military operations and in homeland defense applications. Continue reading “New Robot to Bolster Protection for EOD Soldiers”

Lockheed Martin’s ATHENA Successfully Defends Drone Threat

Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated its laser weapon system for the U.S. Air Force at a government test range at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where the system successfully engaged and shot down multiple fixed-wing and rotary drones. Continue reading “Lockheed Martin’s ATHENA Successfully Defends Drone Threat”

DARPA Seeks Novel Urban Swarm Capabilities, Enhancements to Physical Testbeds

Cities present multiple challenges for ground units as they attempt to navigate and search tall buildings amid tight spaces with limited sight lines. Continue reading “DARPA Seeks Novel Urban Swarm Capabilities, Enhancements to Physical Testbeds”