CONTROP Introduces New Capabilities and Concepts for SUAVs, Drones at Singapore Airshow 2020

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. – a company specializing in the field of electro-optics and IR defense and homeland security solutions – will showcase the new STAMP payloads for future tactical mission requirements, including the T-STAMP-XD for laser-designation missions, and the STAMP-VMD for wide-area persistent surveillance. 

The lightweight, ruggedized gyro-stabilized miniature STAMP payloads have been operationally proven in the most challenging security and defense programs worldwide.

The third STAMP product being featured by CONTROP at the Singapore Airshow 2020 is the MD-STAMP; the newly-released laser-designator capability for small UAVs and drones, which is the latest product in the STAMP family of miniature payloads. Weighing less than 1kg, this compact laser-designation surveillance and targeting system closes the sensor-to-shooter cycle for tactical missions, while supporting ammunitions with laser humming seekers.  The MD-STAMP has been designed for use on drones and on small Group 1 UAVs, and is a miniature version of the T-STAMP-XD, which is a 5.7kg laser-designator system for Group 2 UAVs. Both systems have a day channel as well as an IR camera with a continuous zoom lens for night missions. Using the integrated equipment and firepower, these systems enable tactical forces to close the fire loop.

CONTROP’s STAMP-VMD is a wide-area persistent surveillance system that provides real-time monitoring of areas spanning up to 1km2, at high resolution. Designed for installation on Group 1 UAVs and drones, this compact payload weighs only 1.3kg and can fly under the cloud ceiling at 1,500 ft.  Fitted with an advanced multi-megapixel day camera, it also features automatic movement detection and tracking capabilities, enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple targets. Equipped with a new, unique integrated sensor data processer, the STAMP-VMD performs onboard image processing, with the onboard detection algorithms enabling use of a standard datalink and minimal bandwidth to send optimized images to the ground station.

Whilst both the T-STAMP-XD and the STAMP-VMD may be used as standalone solutions, when combined they offer a comprehensive, integrated solution for laser-guided munitions, facilitating better decision making, more efficient battle management and accurate assessment of mission success.

“In highlighting these three new STAMP products at the Singapore Airshow 2020, we continue to show our commitment to our customers in Southeast Asia to providing the most advanced solutions to this important region,” says Mr. Johnny Carni, CONTROP’s VP Marketing Southeast Asia & Pacific. “The STAMP payloads have been supplied to many UAV and drone manufacturers worldwide, enabling them to provide their customers with the best and most cost-effective EO/IR capabilities.  CONTROP recently secured a significant repeat order from a satisfied customer in this market, again confirming for us that we are successfully answering the specific requirements of customers in this region.”

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