China Unveils Brain-Computer Interface Chip: Local Media

China has announced a breakthrough in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) chip research, with its first BCI chip “Brain Talker”, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The “Brain Talker” made was debuted at the ongoing World Intelligence Congress held in northern China’s Tianjin Municipality on Friday.

According to Xinhua, “BCI is a system allowing a person to control a computer or other electronic device using his or her brainwaves, without requiring any movement or verbal instruction. Brain Talker, specially designed for decoding brainwave information, may replace traditional computer devices used in BCI due to its more portable size, precision in decoding, high efficiency in computing and faster communication ability.”

Ming Dong, director of the Academy of Medical Engineering and Translational Medicine in Tianjin University, was quoted as saying that the chip can identify minor neuron information sent by the brain wave from the cerebral cortex, efficiently decode the information and greatly quicken the communication speed between the brain and machine.

“Brain Talker makes BCI technology more promising for civil use since the chip is more portable, wearable and simpler,” Ming reportedly said.

Brain Talker was co-developed by Tianjin University and China Electronics Corporation with fully independent intellectual property rights, Xinhua reported.


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