AI Robots Take on Important Role for World Military Games Preparation: Chinese Media

Twenty robots designed with cutting-edge AI technologies have been introduced to take over some heavy duties for workers in the ongoing construction of a power supply system for the 7th Military World Games in the host city of Wuhan, according to Xinhua News Agency.

These robots have integrated the latest technologies in fields of big data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, that leads to highly efficient construction with workers freed from traditional labor-intensive duties and tough working environments, according to the report.

Tazi Lake Sports Center, the seat of the Executive Committees of the 7th Military World Games, recently “hired” some of the robots to “look after” its power supply hub, since the center was among the list of key sites that cannot afford any power failures.

“Using the transient ground-wave and ultrasonic technology, these robots exceed humans in monitoring the working status of equipment in the hub, which is critical to avoid power failures,” said Xie Ping, a female patrol from State Grid Wuhan Company.

Some of the robots feature strong motion sense abilities, capable of recognizing instabilities that are not easily noticed by human sight. In the past, Xie and her colleagues had to shuttle between sites to check the equipment and manually analyze the collected data. Now, the robots were taking over these duties.

“These robots are smart. They can even send data to the control center for analysis. They save time, and sweat as well,” Xie said, without any sense of being replaced.

“The Military World Games offers us a great opportunity to embrace the new technologies, but we are not going to lay off any employee by introducing the AI robots. Our employees are now focusing on more brain-focused duties,” said Chen Shuang, deputy chief engineer of State Grid Wuhan Company.

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